New patient                                                 $400

New patient complex                                 $500

Previously seen patient 2-3 years ago     $300

Previously seen patient >3 years ago      $350

Group clinic                                                    $50

Follow up                                                      $150

Follow up complex                                      $225

EMG NCV 1 limb                                          $250

EMG NCV 2 limbs                                        $450

EMG NCV 3 limbs                                        $625

EMG NCV 4 limbs                                        $800

EMG trunk                                                    $250

EMG face                                                      $275

Nerve blocks, trigger points, dry needling per session      $200

Botox provided by pharmacy any location per session     $260       

Botox provided by us         $8 per unit >20 units

                                               $12 per unit < 20 units

Vagal Nerve Stimulator set up after installation or turn off $400

Vagal Nerve Programming                                                         $200

Vagal Nerve Interrogation only                                                   $50

Cannibus forms for existing patient includes counseling    $110

FMLA forms for existing patient                                               $150

Disability forms for existing patient                                         $200

Letters                                                                                             $50

How Does Self Pay Work?

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We gladly accept SELF PAY patients.   No insurance or referral is needed.

We provide a detailed invoice for you detailing the services and diagnoses you were seen for.

You may then submit this invoice to your insurance for refund using the instructions provided to you by them.  For details, contact your insurance company.  The phone number is usually on the back of your insurance card or policy booklet.

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